Help Support the Taylor Family

Officer Kelly Taylor has worked in various Police departments through his career, starting with Weber County Sheriff’s Department and is currently at Cottonwood Heights. Kelly has a blended family; he and his wife have six children together and have made a stable home together for those children. Kelly’s stepson, Hunter, had just graduated high school and had been called to serve a church mission when he was diagnosed with cancer. Hunter had a very aggressive for of leukemia, and after battling for the better part of this last year, Hunter succumbed to the cancer on 11/10/20.

Obviously, a long battle with cancer is financially taxing, now Kelly and his wife must prepare for a funeral and the costs associated with that. The Cottonwood Heights FOP Lodge is asking for donations to assist the Taylor family in their time of need, to ease any additional stress and allow the family to grieve and heal together.

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