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Utah FOP Legal Coverage -
The Utah FOP Plan costs $310 per year
and is the only plan that provides on duty AND off duty coverage. To keep your job in an administrative hearing, you have to win the criminal side. The Utah FOP Legal Plan is a defensive plan dealing with discipline.

The following incidents ARE covered under the Utah FOP Legal Plan:

  • Critical Incidents – OICI/OIS or any incident where a protocol team is activated.

  • Departmental Internal Investigations - Any incident where the potential risk is at least a loss of pay (time off without pay or demotion) of any amount as a result of the internal investigation.

  • POST Investigations - Any action or investigation initiated by Utah Peace Officer Standards & Training.

  • Collective Bargaining - our legal team will represent the lodge that has an active MOU or Contract with the agency or municipality/county for bargaining as defined in the Policy & Procedures below.

  • Workers Comp - the plan covers consultation with Aaron Gwilliam, a specialty workers comp attorney the firm has contracted with for these case reviews.

  • See “Policy & Procedures” below for more benefits of the legal plan such as uncontested divorce, uncontested adoption,

The following incidents are NOT covered under the Utah FOP Legal Plan:

  • *Allegations of corruption as defined in the plan.

  • non-disciplinary workplace issues such as warnings and reprimands.

  • Traffic Infractions. The Plan does not include most traffic offenses or infractions, unless it is determined that the traffic offense or infraction rises to the level mentioned above.

  • Sexual harassment allegations not facing discipline for

  • Americans w/Disability Act issues

  • Departmental/Agency/Legislative changes - transferring positions, agency restructure, change in leave policy, etc.

  • Harassment/retaliation/hostile work conditions, etc

  • ADA cases that are referred out will likely carry a costly consultation fee that is outside the control of the FOP, Bret W Rawson P.C, or Nelson Jones, PLLC.

*Will cover 10 hours of legal work to determine validity of the corruption claim by the agency. Corruption is defined as an act or pattern of conduct which constitutes the commission of at least three episodes of Unlawful Activity, which episodes are not isolated, but have the same or similar purposes, results, participants, victims, or methods of commission, or otherwise are interrelated by distinguishing characteristics.

Our General Counsel
We have contracted with Bret W. Rawson, PC for all of the legal needs under this plan and is worked by the attorneys at Nelson Jones, PLLC in West Jordan.

Nelson Jones PLLC is the most experienced OICI attorney firm in Utah, representing over 400 officers involved in OICIs to date. The firm’s knowledge and expertise CENTERS around the police profession, with nearly half of the attorneys being current (in a reserve capacity) or prior law enforcement officers

Hylant Legal Coverage -
The Hylant Plan costs $324 per year and gives the choice of several different attorneys. It is also an FOP run program where you have the option of picking an attorney, but you do not have off-duty coverage for things like: Domestic Violence allegations, DUI, assault, etc.

Legal Claim Reporting Form

Download, complete, and submit within 60 days of the notice of discipline from your agency. Incomplete forms will be returned for information.

Legal Claim Form

Utah State FOP Legal Plan

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