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The Utah FOP Jim Crowley Lodge is open to officers in Utah without a local lodge.

Retired Legal Plan Summary

  • Legal coverage for use of force in furtherance of LEOSA (HR 218).
  • $250,000 of attorney fees in civil defense of lawsuit arising from use of force related to LEOSA.
  • Same criminal coverage as regular off-duty coverage offered in the active officer legal plan (see the legal tab), up to $20,000. (Excludes acts of corruption).
  • POST administrative coverage for as long as you are under the dis-linearly purview of POST (up to 4 years after separation from active service).
  • Plan costs $310 per year. If you exit retirement and go back to active duty, then your plan coverage defaults to that of active officers as both plans cost the same.

- Contact the plan administrator for questions or details about the listed benefit.

Board of Directors

April 2023 - April 2025

  • President – Bill Salmon
  • Vice President – Dave Burdett
  • 2nd Vice – Vaughn Howard
  • Secretary – JC Jensen
  • Treasurer – Brent Jex
  • Sgt. of Arms – Aaron Daley
  • State Trustee – Rollin Cook

Retired Officer Resources

FOP Retiree Health Insurance

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Utah Retirement Systems

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