“SUPPORT OUR BROTHER” BBQ - Friday, May 31, 2019


Corporal Ryan Hill of the Brigham City PD went to have complex gallbladder removal surgery. Complications occurred following the surgery. On Sunday, May 5th Ryan was feeling ill so his wife Valerie was taking him to the Brigham Hospital ER. On the way to the hospital Ryan lost consciousness. Once at the ER in Brigham they thought they had stabilized Ryan and they transported him to Ogden Regional Medical Center. Ryan was taken into emergency surgery and spent almost the entire next week in a medically induced coma in the ICU.  Ryan was brought out of the coma and was not recovering very quickly. Ryan was receiving dialysis  because his kidneys stopped functioning. Ryan was again taken into surgery and they discovered more infection in his body. Ryan is still in ICU and has a long recovery ahead of him. Ryan and Valerie have 5 children at home that haven’t been able to see there dad in weeks as he has been in the ICU. Valerie who works part time has not been able to work as she has been caring for Ryan and their children.  This has been  and will continue to put a financial strain on the family, as they struggle to pay medical bills, travel , household expenses, and other costs associated with Ryan's care and recovery.  Ryan and his family are grateful for the ongoing support and assistance provided by family, friends, associates, the law enforcement family, and countless others.

When : Friday, May 31, 2019

Time : 10am - 3 pm

Where : C&R Trailer

5035 West Powerline Road, Tremonton, UT

(Right at I-15 and Exit 379) South side of I-15


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